Ben Kazlauskas

Ben Kazlauskas graduated from the Australian Ballet School where he first began training in the Pilates method under Andrew Baxter. As a professional ballet dancer Ben continued using Pilates throughout his career to maintain the elite level of strength and fitness required in Classical Ballet. His professional dance credits include seasons with the Vienna State Opera Ballet, the West Australian Ballet and the Queensland Ballet Company. Ben has worked as a Pilates
instructor for over 10 years and acquired his teaching certification from the Pilates Institute of Queensland under the direction of Exercise Physiologist Tony Geeves and Physiotherapist Jenny Brickhall.

“Movement of the body is vital. We have to create a self-awareness to achieve certain physical goals. Pilates has taught me how to strengthen myself physically whilst understanding the role of movement. Once we start strengthening and utilizing our core muscles and understanding how to increase our flexibility and strength through movement, we almost immediately take ourselves to a whole new level of fitness and coordination. I believe everybody has the ability to release tension, pain and stress and turn it into movement, range and strength. My goal as a Pilates instructor is to create the change and encourage people to achieve the results they desire.”