About Pilates


Pilates is an innovative conditioning, strengthening and rehabilitation method devised by Josef Pilates from a synthesis of different disciplines including Yoga, Martial Arts, Dance and Acrobatics. He used his method to help everyone from injured soldiers to elite ballet dancers, centering his philosophy on core strength and alignment.


In the Pilates Method, core strength is the correct engagement of the inner thighs, glutes, pelvic floor, deep abdominals, mid and lower back muscles. Training in this way speeds recovery from injury and enhances movement, efficiency and strength in all areas of life. Today Pilates is an essential component for competitive athletes and elite performers to both give them the edge in strength, speed and endurance, as well as recovery and rehabilitation from injury.


Within the general population Pilates has become increasingly popular as a way to gain strength  suppleness and flexibility whilst  improving posture and body awareness. Within the health industry its success in achieving positive results across a broad spectrum of conditions has made it the number one exercise option  for physiotherapists, osteopaths and doctors when creating a health plan for their patients and clients.